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Your Business Needs


TCS Hong Kong CPA Limited has been established to cater for your business needs. We help businesses at each stage of the way: whether it is newly formed companies when strategy setting and planning are most needed; or when companies are at growth and development stage when innovations or expanded market share through acquisitions are most critical.

Business needs are also multi-facets, typical modern management attend to an all-embracing list of business needs. This could cover trade and operation, compliance, banking and finance, tax planning, fund-raising, and mergers & acquisitions.

There are added aspects for companies going international.


International Business

Competition seems to dominate any corporation’s agenda and companies are relying more and more on international business expansion – SMEs may wish to explore international opportunities because of domestic competition; larger corporations may want to do so because they wish to gain bigger market shares for their products or services. Going international is also getting easier to do so. Distances between countries are shortened as the aviation industry prospers; and the advent of technology has made communication so much cheaper and more convenient than ever before.  Much of the previous barrier has largely been removed. Globalization is an irreversible trend; and has become the main theme for expanding corporations.

However, businesses going international have added aspects to be aware of, and to avoid the pitfalls of say, the lack of local market knowledge and tax legislations, and local culture. The possible downside also is that one country’s problems or issues can no longer be isolated, as they often would have domino effects for the rest of the world.


International Business Service at TCS Hong Kong

Our International Business Service division caters for cross border professional service needs. Our strength is that we have a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience in a wide spectrum of industries; and our ability to utilize global resources and expertise through our member firms worldwide under the TCS Global network.

We serve clients who have their operations in Europe, US, Australia, Beijing, Shanghai, or even Urumqi but may wish to set up a head-quarter in Hong Kong. The demand for cross-border service is rapidly increasing.

Such is our experience in serving clients; such is our strength in being able to help our clients achieve their goals utilizing our knowledge and experience. We are prepared to meet this continuing and challenging trend.


Other professional services provided at TCS Hong Kong:

  • International Taxation Advisory and Consulting
  • Audit & Assurance under IFRS
  • Internal Control
  • Corporate Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Capital Financing & Fund Raising
  • Corporate Finance support
  • Marketing